From AWS to Azure to Hybrid Cloud Migration. We do it all.

Your application needs to migrate safely regardless of your cloud platform choice. At Nubesense, we have the experience and expertise to develop tailored solutions.



From assessment, our Cloud Architects will examine your existing architecture, understand your business needs, and perform a TCO Analysis. From beginning, we strive to understand your goals and limitations, we then identify your security goals so we can pick the right cloud platform for you.


We design and build a custom environments that meets your security, giving you freedom in practice and is cost effective so you operate at your best. Building the most viable cloud for you and install 3rd party tools so you are ready to scale in all circumstances.


We can get you production ready in a secure and quick manner. Making sure the production process is smooth and we can get you going live on cloud platforms. For larger projects we, can build a large scale process to migrate applications in a custom manner.